You can never start too early, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Professionals are recommending young adults begin researching careers as early as ninth grade in high school. While this may seem premature, exploring specific careers sooner rather than later can help high school students begin working towards career goals.

New York State AHEC’s Medical Academy of Science and Health, also known as MASH, holds camps each summer for students entering 8th and 9th grade. The goal of these camps is to give students an outlet to discover and learn about different health careers and uncover their interests. Programs like MASH camps are extremely helpful in giving students resources that their schools usually do not provide. The field of health work is expanding as the population increases in the United States, and the need for health professionals is growing. When it comes to choosing a career, looking at job stability, income, and growth are all important factors to consider. According to Kim Brummett, senior director at the American Association for Homecare in Washington, D.C., “health care is recession proof…there is always a need.” That is why now more than ever it is important we expose young adults to potential careers in health work so that they continue to pursue these career goals. These students are the future in providing the world with health care, and MASH camps help highlight that there is a job for everyone in health care.

At MASH camp, students learn about a variety of health careers and the educational requirements/ training necessary for specific health professions, ranging from physical therapy, surgery, pathology, and even food service. Students participate in hands-on workshops through the duration of the camp to highlight the skills, technology, and equipment used by health professionals.

The next scheduled MASH camp is February 23rd and 24th. To apply to MASH camp, or learn about other CNYAHEC and NAHEC programs, please visit our MASH Camp section on HWapps.

And for more health care career statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics please refer to: